Indoor LED lights

Indoor LED lights

Madina Biz Tech is a reliable dealer of the innovative Indoor LED lights and solar products to deliver valuable lighting solutions in accordance with the needs of our potential customers. Madina Biz Tech is undertaking the revolutionary task of providing exclusive LED lighting solutions to illuminate the whole world with no heavy electricity bills and harms to the environment.

Design Features:

·         Comprehensive Solid state and sophisticated technological design

·         Accurate optical design, fabulous brightness and vital Uniformity

·         Exceptional heat sink design for augmentation of the appropriate cooling effects

·         Lights are designed to configure in existing structure of fall ceiling or wall mount

·         Indoor LED lights have less weight than existing incandescent tube lights

·         Indoor LED lights can be powered by solar systems via solar inverter

Madina Biz Tech has all-inclusive expertise and technological experience of manufacturing LED and solar products with the assistance of proficient staff.  Our main objective is to provide quality LED and solar products for our clients and outshine our competitors at the marketplace. 


Indoor LED lights

It is technological era where you need to replace your conventional lights with LED lights to cut down the expenses of electricity billing charges. We are here to provide you first-rate LED lights and solar systems in economical rates. Let’s invest with our company, Madina Biz Tech for the productive results of deploying LED lights or Solar systems at your own workplace.

       Heavy Energy expenditure is no doubt a critical issue in the current crisis of energy in Pakistan. The main factor of energy consumption is the configuration of fluorescent/ traditional lights. Moreover the Air-conditioning conservation of energy in the indoor applications play vital role to run the business smoothly. Observing the growing demands of energy solutions, Madina Biz Tech has designed a latest technology-based LED ceiling/ Wall Mounted Lights specifically for indoor applications. These lights work on an array of input AC variations.


Operational Features

More lumen/watt and better output

More power efficiency and cost saving

Replacement of customary Fluorescent Tube Lights with energy-efficient 16 to 24 LED light.

One 24W LED Light Provides more lumen than two 40W tube lights

5 times more energy efficient as compared to Traditional Fluorescent Lights

Work on wide range of input AC variations, even on lower voltage up to 90V

One year warranty and 15 years of lifetime

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