LED Lights

LED Lights

Madina Biz Tech is endeavoring to configure the high quality outdoor lighting solutions in correspondence of your outdoor lighting needs. Our business products and services are exceedingly offered to our customers according to our commitment and quality assurance. We are striving hard to offer high-grade indoor lighting solutions with immediate delivery of products according to demands of the clients.

·         LED Lights presents about eight times more brightness than luminous lamps without any harmful impacts upon the surroundings.

·         Highly powered LED light sources are tremendously efficient to accumulate more about 60% energy rather than the customary sodium or mercury lamps.

·         Operating for an average of 10 hours per day LED lights has life span of more than 13 years, or 50,000 hours.

·         These lights have no filament like traditional bulbs which helps to reduce the breakdown rate to zero percent

·         These lights are entirely solid state and the design is based on advanced technology which operates on AC mains of 22V with wide range of 90-300VAC

·         Features

·         Precise optical design, tremendous glow and splendid Uniformity of the different road lighting

·         Advanced heat sink design to boost up the best cooling effects

·         More than 60% energy saving

·         With the deployment of intelligent controller and driver of LED lights, there is a significant reduction in energy billing charges

·         LED lights can be shifted to solar systems by using solar inverter

·         Weather proof housing  

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